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Rigorous Research

2es offers proven research experience in real-world programs, with a strong background in random assignment studies, quasi-experimental studies, field research, mixed-method data collection, and rapid cycle evaluations. 2es draws its strength from a broad range of domain experts and methodologies used in assessing policy and programs from many perspectives.


Research Services

Feasibility Studies

2es performs feasibility studies to unravel the strengths and weaknesses of existing programmes and businesses. Feasibility studies include risk assessment, potential impact analysis and many more.

Needs Assessment

Often, most projects fail due to the absence of or poor assessment of the needs of project beneficiaries. 2es comes in to provide help in identifying the need for the program, opportunities and challenges. Although an important aspect of project design and implementation, this area of research is still lacking woefully in the development field. As such, 2es is currently championing needs assessment studies in several ongoing projects in Ghana, especially in the agricultural and the local government sector.

Pilot and Baseline Studies

Baseline surveys are an important part of any M&E process. 2es has assisted the Defence for Children International (DCI) in conducting baseline studies of violence against children in Ghana. The study was on the Assessment of Violence against Children, with a special focus on sexual exploitation and child sex stories in 18 selected communities in the Ashanti region of Ghana. This study established baseline information about the prevalence of several forms of violence including family violence, rape and sexual violence, and community violence against sexual offenders and their victims.

Partnership and Programme Facilitation

For this, 2es acts as a local liaison between existing local organizations in Ghana and those abroad. It helps to recommend local businesses and link them to foreign companies that are engaged in similar prospects. By this, 2es seeks to monitor and facilitate this partnership between these organizations, and ensure their smooth and effective progress.